Tasting & tour

Are you familiar with craft beer from the heart of the Kočevsko forests? We have quite a few different types of beer and they are all named after the sights of Kočevsko. You can get to know these hops brews at a tasting at the family craft brewery MATT, where you will experience their beers with all your senses in the pleasant ambiance of the located in the unspoiled Kočevsko region.

Program duration: 70 minutes

Primerno za: pare, družine in tudi večje skupine (Degustacije se lahko udeležijo le polnoletne osebe. V času degustacije za družine z otroki za najmlajše omogočamo ustvarjalno delavnico z animacijo.)

Getting to know: Tekavec family story, basics of beer brewing and tasting of five different hops brews

Parking: provided

MATT Brewery is a family-owned brewery. It was formed from the desire of a father and two sons, to find something that would unite them, a hobby that they could participate in together after work, and enjoy something that makes them happy. The name of the brewery also originated from the initial letters of their names: Miran, Anže, and Toni Tekavec - MATT.

At the tasting, the MATT brewing trio will present their brewery and beer brewing process, while you will be able to pamper your palates by tasting excellent beers called Pragozd (Primeval Forest), Bunker, Kraljica Roga (Queen of Rog), Veronika, kIPA and the excellent Quarantine, named after recent conditions.

How the tour and tasting takes place

In addition to tasting six types of beer, you will also get to try unique homemade MATT snacks. MATT builds their story based on the experience of a family hobby and a great belonging to Kočevsko. The essential ingredient of their beers is pure water from the unspoiled nature of Kočevsko, which adds a special taste to their beers.

Program description:

  • presentation of the family story and the beginnings of their brewery,
  • presentation of the brewery and brewing of beer,
  • tasting of six different MATT craft beers,
  • presentation of beers, their names and characteristics.

Why you should decide for tasting MATT craft beers?

  • you will not find the homeliness and friendliness offered by the MATT brewery far around,
  • MATT beers represent the story of Kočevsko, as the beers are named after local characteristics,
  • you will expand your knowledge about one of the oldest and most widespread alcoholic beverages in the world and learn interesting facts that will come in handy in everyday conversations,
  • tasting beer is a relaxing and pleasant experience during which you will learn a lot of new things.


  • od 1–3 obiskovalcev je cena 12 €
  • od 4–16 obiskovalcev je cena 10 €
  • od 17 in več obiskovalcev je cena 8 €
  • lokalni divjačinski narezek +3€/osebo

The price includes

  • "beer-infused" flat bread at arrival
  • presentation and tour of the brewery
  • degustacijo petih piv MATT ob prigrizku pivskih “mišk” in sira

Additional offer:

  • organized visit to one of the sights after which the beers are named, accompanied by a local tourist guide (extra charge)

Nas želite obiskati?

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P.S. izdelamo vam tudi personalizirani vrednostni darilni bon, katerega lahko podarite kot darilo.

Tasting & tour

Are you interested and would like to know more about beer production process in our small brewery? You are welcome to visit us.

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